The Dileka Technology

The purpose of the Dileka™ technology is to recreate living water from stagnating water; the water recovers all of its original physical properties: lowered surface tension, increased solvent power, anti-oxidising power, assimilation (man, plant, animal) strongly amplified, activation or inhibition of some bacteria.

The Dileka™ device is a tube made up of 2 metal sections protecting a set of compound material compartments, called AquaAtom™ ceramics. The water flowing through the AquaAtom™ ceramics undergoes several vortex movements and in the same time, receives infra-red rays emitted by the ceramics; these elastic waives exerted on the water, together with the energy coming from the infra-reds, causes water ionisation, 4 to 5 times higher than usual.

The device receives no energy other than the cosmic waves that cross it, but it is grounded through a separate grounding wire; this allows to create a stable magnetic field, which makes Dileka™ a condenser; positive ions are sent out and water is charged negatively, richer in electrons.

Thus Dileka™ water acquires all the properties of mountain water: it is mechanically activated by the whirling movements of the vortex; it is enriched in many infra-red wave lengths; and lastly, it is grounded, which makes it gradually richer in electrons.

Dileka™ tube does not need any electrical power to operate and no maintenances required or any parts to be changed.