Dileka: A Revolution in Water Technology

Quantum Science in Water R&D. Providing High Quality Water for Drinking, Residential, *Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial use.

Advantages ranging from this advanced green technology include non usage and major reduction of toxic and chemical based products up to 80%.

Enhances vegetation and crops, produce bio-organic fertilizers, pesticides, animal foods and etc at affordable and sustainable costs with savings of water from 30%-50%.

Reduces or eliminates pollution cause by consumers and industry, improve waste treatment system, reduces 80% costs of the conventional river cleaning method and more effectively cleaning without using or using much less chemicals thus preventing destruction to the surrounding environment.

Prevents sick building syndrome such as musty air, rusty water piping system, grease trap maintenance, infection of bacteria in the air-conditioning ducts, eliminating VOC from cement and paints, neutralizing chlorines effects in water and prevents red eyes, hard hair and skin irritations.

Slows down oxidization, eliminates and or reduces free radicals, preventing pathogenic bacteria growth such as E. coli, legionella or salmonella and ultimately, less harmful discharge to the environment.